Add real value to your property

We all need help at some time or another and lifestyle farmers are no different. However, we at The Land and Livestock Company recognise that no two farms, or farmers, are the same or have the same needs, which is why we offer a broad range of services that we will customise to suit your property, your needs, and your circumstances.

“Let The Land and Livestock Company put the life back into your lifestyle with tailored farm care plans and solutions that work so you don’t have to.”


Our focus is on value-added, cost-effective solutions for our farming customers; our flexible farm care plans, from basic through to full assistance, offer just that solution.

We recognise that the most efficient way to manage a farm is to fix things before they become problems.

We believe we can save our customers time and money, and of equal importance, the escalation of problems; we also believe that the best way to achieve this is by implementing our personally tailored, regularly managed farm care plans.

The Land and Livestock Company will sit down with you to discuss your needs, whether for the simplest of assistance or for a comprehensive management strategy.
From there we will develop a plan that is specific to your personal requirements; it will be designed for the size of your property and the animals you have, to an agreed level of assistance chosen by you, for the optimal and appropriate number and frequency of visits, and of course to an agreed cost.


Affordable consultancy for all aspects of planning and decision making for your farm, starting from scratch or part way through an existing project.

Let The Land and Livestock Company help you with:

  • Identifying the land use and/or stock type that would be best suited to your situation, and how to give the necessary care and attention.
  • Animal husbandry, condition scoring and identifying livestock health and welfare issues, and what to do about it all. You don’t always need a vet, often we can help first, but we can advise if you do.
  • Soil and pasture health: fertiliser, weed and pest control, organic and inorganic systems.
  • Infrastructure needs: fencing, shedding and yard layout and siting, water requirements for land and stock, and the solutions.
  • Compliance requirements when buying and selling livestock eg. NAIT, AHB, on-farm safety audits.


We have the time, tools and know-how to relieve you of those niggly maintenance jobs that rob you of the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle, which we all deserve.

Some of the examples of the maintenance jobs that we have experience with and are happy to carry out for you are:

  • Animal health needs – shearing and crutching of sheep and alpacas (any number shorn), drenching, vaccinating, hoof trimming, de-horning, ear tagging, nose-ringing of piglets, help with lambing and calving, docking, weighing etc.
  • Buying and selling – we will buy and sell livestock, supplementary-feed, fertiliser etc., to your specifications.
  • Hire – Ram, bull and alpaca sire, portable yards, loading ramp etc.
  • Transport – we will load, unload and transport livestock, fertiliser, hay etc.
  • Cultivation – pasture renovation, small-lot cultivation, fertiliser spreading, weed and pest control, spraying and weed-eating, etc.
  • Infrastructure – repairs and maintenance of shedding, fences, yards, dog proofing, troughs, pipes, water reticulation, irrigation, etc.
  • Tree work – planting, felling, limbing and splitting.


From rabbit hutches to barns we can custom design, build and modify.

Arrange for us us to give you a quote then we will design and build for you:

  • Small to large barns* and sheds; shedding and shelters for goats, calves, alpacas, dogs, firewood, or any other purpose; houses for hens, etc.
  • Fencing of all types; decorative or farm; horse rail, electric, post & netting, post & batten, picket, orchard, etc.
  • Water systems – irrigation, troughs and ponds.
  • Yards and loading ramps designed and built for purpose; milking stands and bales, for sheep, cows, deer, goats etc.